SR22 & SR22TN

TorqueSim and RealSimGear are excited to announce our next aircraft for X-Plane 11 – the SR22 G3 GTS and SR22TN G3 GTS!

The SR22 has entered internal testing, with a release to follow currently forecasted to be in Q2 2020. The SR22 is the culmination of months of work to revamp all our development practices to ensure the highest level of fidelity and accuracy!

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Feature List:

As the aircraft is still in development, this feature list is constantly changing
  • Both the SR22 G3 and SR22TN G3 variants included!
  • G1000 Perspective customizations to the Laminar X1000
    • Synthetic Vision (using Saso Kiselkov’s Synthetic Vision, as implemented in HotStart’s TBM900 and TorqueSim’s Pocket Rocket)
    • Custom engine page and engine sidebar
    • Lean-assist functionality
    • Checklists
    • Top-bar customizations (% Power, Distance, etc)
    • Custom boot sequence including “Know Your Limits” and fuel adjustments
    • Designed to interface with RealSimGear’s G1000 hardware, especially their G1000 Perspective Package
  • Fully-custom engine model based on complex physical behaviors
    • Cylinders, air filter, duct flow, throttle plate and more simulated!
    • Tornado Alley turbo-normalizing system (on SR22TN)
    • Multithreaded to optimize performance
  • Fully-custom electrical system
    • Dual-battery and dual-alternator simulated
    • All 11 electrical busses individually simulated
    • All 48 circuit breakers functional
  • Custom Fuel system
    • Details from the tanks, to fuel lines, to injector nozzles simulated!
    • Complex behavior of engine driven and electric fuel pumps simulated
  • Complex maintenance and failure model
  • High-fidelity flight model
  • Insanely detailed 3D model
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Highly immersive custom captured FMOD
  • Custom Tail-Number configuration utility
  • Persistant systems
  • Fully custom C++ plugin using the X-Plane SDK for maximum performance
  • ….And many more features to be announced soon!

Development Updates

Development Update 6

Learn about the detailed systems, see more screenshots, and hear about the RealSimGear Integration!

Development Update 5

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Development Update 4

We detail the crazy-in-depth engine model built into the TorqueSim SR22!

Development Update 3

Hear an FMOD Sound Preview of our custom-recorded sound pack for the SR22!

Development Update 2

See some interior previews and hear about the electrical system!

Development Update 1

Learn about the Perspective G1000!