BN-2 Islander Changelog


Version 1.2.1 (20 March 2021)

Bug fixes and improvements!

New Features and Improvements
  • Fixed G5 displays (AFM G5 Required)
  • Improved panel normal map
  • Fixed gap in altimeter edge
  • Fixed incorrectly rotating wheel
  • Added rotation constraints to the ammeter
  • Removed phantom glass on overhead panel
  • Added back in the flaps placard

Version 1.2.0 (10 March 2021)

Bringing over the improvements from the BN-2T!

New Features and Improvements
  • New exterior textures. Improved rivets and joins and dirt. Better normal maps.
  • Updated default liveries to match new texture spec.
  • User made liveries will work with no changes required!
  • New liveries can make use of the improved blank textures and normal maps!
  • Updated interior with new panel, new seats, new fixtures, interior trim, and window frames.
  • Updated flight model with better airfoils, fuel consumption, and cruise speeds. Adjusted trim ranges and effectiveness.
  • Several FMOD improvements and bug fixes. New engines, new props, tuned flyby and so many other adjustments.
  • The same night lighting technology implemented in the 2T has been brought to the 2B which greatly improves the panel visibility in low light conditions.
  • Added Linux support
  • Improved autopilot engagement logic
  • Added multithreaded texture uploading to GPU
  • Improved Ammeter
  • Updated libacfutils version

Version 1.1.2 (18 September 2020)

Bug fixes and overall quality improvements!

New Features and Improvements
  • [IS-363] - FMOD tweaks to improve sound
  • Installer now auto-installs latest G5 if purchased and installed on computer

Bug Fixes
  • [IS-374] - Fixed HPA Altimeter baro texture
  • [IS-375] - Glideslope indicators were not visible at night
  • [IS-379] - Autopilot Disconnect Button Fix
  • [IS-380] - NAV/HDG HSI Flag Fix

Version 1.1.1 (20 July 2020)

Bug fixes and overall quality improvements!

New Features and Improvements
  • [IS-367] - Add door open/close to menu bar
  • [IS-372] - Rebake gauges_LIT.png in 2k to match ALB textures

Bug Fixes
  • [IS-364] - Typo in the cruise fuel flow charts, first row: 23.5 should be 33.5
  • [IS-365] - Possible texture or UV artifact on the prop governors
  • [IS-366] - Roll index markings on AI
  • [IS-368] - 3D modeled bolts on nose fairing missing on one side only.
  • [IS-369] - Door latch animation linked to AviTab
  • [IS-370] - Glareshield 3d extends beyond fuselage
  • [IS-371] - Carb heat keybinding gives different result than mouse manipulator
  • [IS-373] - NAV flag texture mapping bug

Version 1.1.0 (14 June 2020)

A massive revamp of the 3D, textures, sounds, and systems on the Islander! We have integrated customer feedback to perfect the Islander, providing the most realistic X-Plane 11 Islander experience.

New Features and Improvements
  • RealityXP GTN 750/GTN 650 Integration
  • Revamped FMOD Sound Pack
    • New engine/prop noises
    • Revamped switch and internal noise
    • Custom “headset” simulation with adjustable noise cancellation
  • [IS-351] - Panel Shake/Vibrations
  • [IS-309] - Mechanical Hobbs meter/tacho in 3D
  • [IS-346] - Placard with flaps speeds
  • [IS-332] - Add ability to open plugin menu from plugins bar at top instead of only side tab
  • [IS-295] - Avitab integration

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • [IS-241] - Carb Temperature Gauge animation jumping
  • [IS-264] - Gyro CW/CCW switch motor should play until switch is released
  • [IS-265] - Gyro Slave/Free switch has no sound for 'slave'
  • [IS-282] - Landing light fix
  • [IS-285] - Radio channel selector lights fix
  • [IS-286] - Bose A20 Headset improvements
  • [IS-312] - [AFM-114] VOR and HSI behavior
  • [IS-320] - VOR 2 Glideslope reversed
  • [IS-326] - Mags / Door Interlock
  • [IS-327] - BN-2 VR bugs
  • [IS-329] - Stall alarm not audible when the headset is worn
  • [IS-333] - KFC225 ARM and VS buttons correct order
  • [IS-342] - Exterior lights issues
  • [IS-345] - Autopilot working with avionics off
  • [IS-347] - HDG / NAV flags reversed on HSI
  • [IS-352] - o-540-e4c5.obj reduction
  • [IS-353] - furnishings_2.obj reduction
  • [IS-321] - Brake Lines missing proper normal data
  • [IS-331] - Create .snd file changes for new manipulators
  • [IS-343] - Change annunciator brightness to run from 0-1 rather than 0-2
  • [IS-350] - Add utility light power commands
  • [IS-354] - animated prop governor control arm
  • [IS-361] - Smoothed datarefs for the sunshades on the overhead panel
  • [IS-291] - Add cockpit utility light (moveable)
  • [IS-294] - Update manual with cruise data, fuel flows, etc
  • [IS-306] - Add brightness switch and test button to annunciator panel
  • [IS-322] - Set flight model CHT min/max
  • [IS-323] - Change cowl flap lock
  • [IS-337] - Add persist to Ammeter knob
  • [IS-338] - Hide-able interior glass to remove reflections
  • [IS-357] - Update GUI
  • [IS-289] - Make custom audio panel datarefs
  • [IS-299] - Optimize 3d vertex counts
  • [IS-300] - Optimize textures
  • [IS-315] - Cabin light can turn on without battery power
  • [IS-316] - Pax notices can turn on without battery power
  • [IS-319] - Utility lights
  • [IS-334] - Add Door Interlock Sound
  • [IS-349] - Make avitab datarefs persist
  • [IS-358] - Switch wording for glass reflections

Version 1.0.1 (26 April 2020)

This is a quick round of bug fixes for the newly released TorqueSim BN-2 Islander! While we aren’t adding any new big features with this update, this should improve the quality and functionality of the aircraft. The most major change is a revamped and retuned FMOD sound pack that should more authentically replicate the roaring engines. See below for the changelog from this version

  • [IS-184] – Paintkit PSD files
  • [IS-280] – Night lighting of passenger notices.
  • [IS-296] – Change headset click spot to be easier to find
  • [IS-302] – Animate brake pedal action
  • [IS-27] – FMOD Soundpack Revamp
  • [IS-311] – Custom Dataref for FMOD door opening
  • [IS-170] – Prop Disc updated

Bug Fixes
  • [IS-249] – R/H Engine Magneto No. 2 No Sound TSBUG-93
  • [IS-266] – Pitot and Stall Heat switch has no sound for ‘off’
  • [IS-267] – Screechy tires sound plays even on grass/dirt
  • [IS-274] – Window opening should not trigger door annunciator
  • [IS-277] – [Ver 1.0.0] External engine sound TSBUG-104
  • [IS-278] – [Ver 1.0.0] Prop Animation TSBUG-105
  • [IS-283] – Anti-ice switches not functional
  • [IS-284] – ACF Missing ICAO in Plane Maker
  • [IS-287] – Make covers integrate with X-Plane
  • [IS-290] – Cockpit lights work without battery on
  • [IS-292] – 3D people not in G5 ACF
  • [IS-293] – N203PR livery: Some of the yellow paint appears to have ‘spilled’ over onto the brake lines
  • [IS-301] – Elevator trim bug too wide
  • [IS-303] – Right-hand passenger on row 3 is too tall! headset clips the ceiling.
  • [IS-304] – Headsets are 20% to large
  • [IS-310] – 3D people (co pilot+pax) TSBUG-118
  • [IS-313] – [AFM-116] Static Wicks should be black
  • [IS-314] – RH main gear tires have no wear pattern
  • [IS-317] – Fuel selectors left doesn’t work properly with mouse wheel
  • [IS-318] – Prop discs rotate the wrong way

Version 1.0.0 (24 April 2020)

Initial Release!


Version 1.0.1 (09 February 2021)

Bug fixes and overall quality improvements!

New Features and Improvements
  • Added engine failures for significant over-torquing
  • Added throttle and mixture lever detents
  • Added multi-sided prop disc logic
  • Added Alt. Static Source switch

Bug Fixes
  • Elevator trim limits adjusted
  • Fixed HSI misaligned texture with night lighting
  • FMOD improvements
  • Updated libraries to resolve mt_uploader crash at launch that few users were experiencing
  • Right altimeter baro setting fixed
  • D/G-Slew Indicator added

Version 1.0.0 (29 January 2021)

Initial Release!