BN-2 Islander Changelog

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Version 1.1.0 (Coming Soon)

  • RealityXP GTN Support
  • Option to switch from drag manipulators to click to toggle
  • And more to be announced…

Version 1.0.1 (26 April 2020)

This is a quick round of bug fixes for the newly released TorqueSim BN-2 Islander! While we aren’t adding any new big features with this update, this should improve the quality and functionality of the aircraft. The most major change is a revamped and retuned FMOD sound pack that should more authentically replicate the roaring engines. See below for the changelog from this version

Release notes – Islander – Version 1.0.1

  • [IS-184] – Paintkit PSD files
  • [IS-280] – Night lighting of passenger notices.
  • [IS-296] – Change headset click spot to be easier to find
  • [IS-302] – Animate brake pedal action
  • [IS-27] – FMOD Soundpack Revamp
  • [IS-311] – Custom Dataref for FMOD door opening
  • [IS-170] – Prop Disc updated

Bug Fixes
  • [IS-249] – R/H Engine Magneto No. 2 No Sound TSBUG-93
  • [IS-266] – Pitot and Stall Heat switch has no sound for ‘off’
  • [IS-267] – Screechy tires sound plays even on grass/dirt
  • [IS-274] – Window opening should not trigger door annunciator
  • [IS-277] – [Ver 1.0.0] External engine sound TSBUG-104
  • [IS-278] – [Ver 1.0.0] Prop Animation TSBUG-105
  • [IS-283] – Anti-ice switches not functional
  • [IS-284] – ACF Missing ICAO in Plane Maker
  • [IS-287] – Make covers integrate with X-Plane
  • [IS-290] – Cockpit lights work without battery on
  • [IS-292] – 3D people not in G5 ACF
  • [IS-293] – N203PR livery: Some of the yellow paint appears to have ‘spilled’ over onto the brake lines
  • [IS-301] – Elevator trim bug too wide
  • [IS-303] – Right-hand passenger on row 3 is too tall! headset clips the ceiling.
  • [IS-304] – Headsets are 20% to large
  • [IS-310] – 3D people (co pilot+pax) TSBUG-118
  • [IS-313] – [AFM-116] Static Wicks should be black
  • [IS-314] – RH main gear tires have no wear pattern
  • [IS-317] – Fuel selectors left doesn’t work properly with mouse wheel
  • [IS-318] – Prop discs rotate the wrong way

Version 1.0.0 (24 April 2020)

Initial Release!
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