SR22 Changelog

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Version 1.1.1 (2 January 2021)

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed starter type not being persistent
  • Fixed CHTs not cooling reliably after sim shutdown
  • FMOD adjustments
  • Implemented object-hide system for full cockpit setups
  • Decal fixes

Version 1.1.0 (2 November 2020)

Major updates and new features
  • G1000 Terrain Profile Indicator
  • Visual Icing Effects
  • Engine behavior improvements
  • Visual enhancements throughout
  • Pitch/Autopilot with flap handling improved
  • Engine fluctuation and CHT behavior tuning
  • These were initially discussed in our Feature Preview post.

Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Better G1000 screen-space state tracker
  • Decal adjustments
  • AviTab show/hide ability
  • FMOD sound-pack improvements
  • Visor behavior
  • LIT texture adjustments
  • Some sub-systems were non-functional on certain MacOS versions
  • Fixed failed random generator handling
  • Pilot’s cannula visibility
  • Improved TKS behavior

Version 1.0.1 (4 August 2020)

With this update, we have made major enhancements to the aircraft all around and fixed a wide assortment of bugs. We have resolved the most significant of issues, including the CTD some users experienced when loading and/or activating the aircraft, and some incompatibilities with other plugins.

As always, we are working away on ensuring the best X-Plane experience! Make sure to report any issues you may encounter so we can get to fixing them ASAP.

Major updates and new features
  • [SR22-376] - Resolve the CTD and inter-plugin incompatibility bugs
  • [SR22-337] - FS Economy support (ability to disable custom load manager to use default)
  • [SR22-348] - Show load readout in gallons on load manager
  • [SR22-353] - Allow weight configuration for pax and baggage in the load manager
  • [SR22-354] - Simulate door closing with airflow over aircraft (airspeed, rpm, spiraling slipstream, temperature, air density, and more all are part of this simulation!)
  • [SR22-20] - FMOD Improvements and Modifications
  • [SR22-150] - Improved VR Config file

Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • [SR22-338] - YD could be on at cold/dark
  • [SR22-340] - G1000 Checklist Cruise climb airspeed too high on SR22 Normally Aspirated
  • [SR22-350] - Glass reflectivity persistence
  • [SR22-351] - Add support for the main "-" character in the livery editor
  • [SR22-352] - Oil temp could be frozen by fast power lever movements
  • [SR22-357] - Airframe replace button now also fixes all X-Plane failures
  • [SR22-362] - PFD buttons didn't work when MFD is off
  • [SR22-363] - Flap animation could cause issues in replay mode
  • [SR22-368] - CHT caution stayed on when back in green range
  • [SR22-377] - Oxygen system refill logic improved
  • [SR22-342] - Milkshake visibility persists between loads
  • [SR22-344] - Engine less prone for flooding, faster flooded start
  • [SR22-369] - Higher EGT increase on single magneto
  • [SR22-373] - Improve RSG Popup functionality with older RSG plugins
  • [SR22-29] - Improve interior lighting
  • [SR22-54] - New 3D pilots and pax
  • [SR22-367] - Animate GCU knobs
  • [SR22-78] - Flap animation axis fixed
  • [SR22-208] - Engine sound not depending of engine combustion
  • [SR22-285] - Paint Kit (Available on X-Pilot Forums for Download)
  • [SR22-320] - Alt static source selector doesn't move
  • [SR22-336] - External lighting bugs
  • [SR22-339] - Side stick AP Disconnect Command was incorrect
  • [SR22-356] - Ice light turns no longer turns off with landing light
  • [SR22-358] - SR22 Electronic trim sound doesn't shut off after using trim.
  • [SR22-359] - Key animation fixed
  • [SR22-360] - External sound depends on door
  • [SR22-364] - PFD mislabeled knob
  • [SR22-245] - FMOD Physics Connection
  • [SR22-349] - Rotating GCU knobs
  • [SR22-365] - G1000 Pixel Effect Visibility
  • [SR22-366] - Commands for Exterior Items

Version 1.0.0 (25 July 2020)

Initial Release!