SR20 Changelog

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Version 2.0.2 (8 November 2023)

Important Note

In preparation for upcoming feature enhancements to the X1000 including native synthetic vision and additional pages, as discussed on the X-Plane blog here, reworking of our internal G1000 state tracking logic has begun. For both this reason, and additionally to address numerous recurring stability issues, we have removed the custom synthetic vision system from the SR2X line.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Tuned for X-Plane 12.07
  • Adds the X-Plane Cirrus-style G1000 color scheme
  • Engine model tuning for improved stability and smoothness
  • Improve tuning of autopilot constants for improved behavior, especially with the RealSimGear Cirrus Yoke
  • Improve FMOD sound pack with further refinements and tuning
  • Address issues with rain effect artifacts
  • T-1653 Check fuel density settings
  • T-1928 Year missing from navigation database expiration on boot screen
  • Fix artifacts on “Grey & Black” livery
  • Restore marker beacon audio
  • Update to latest libraries
  • Add the appropriate v-speeds on the G1000 speed tape

Version 2.0.1 (9 June 2023)

New Features
  • Newly recorded sounds for the FMOD sound pack with new engine sounds and other accessory sounds improved!
  • Further X-Plane 12 tuning and improvements!
  • REMINDER!: ARM64 support prepped for future. (Note: For ARM64 Mac (M1+ processors) users, ensure you are running Rosetta for now.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Revamped all wing and gear textures to remove unnecessary ambient occlusion
  • Fixed gear height and operation
  • Adjusted chock position
  • Missing Cirrus logo fixed
  • T-1879 Disabling aircraft doesn’t reset G1000 engine bar override
  • Icing improvements
  • Fixed invalid dataref reference in physics plugin
  • Livery fixes
  • Wing open seam closed
  • Updated libacfutils version to improve rendering of non-svs components with Zink and Mac
  • Engine loops refined to rid the soundpack of all popping between loops
  • Prime Pump sound refined to blend more naturally between intro and loop
  • Engine start sound refined volume curve to allow for a smoother transition to engine sound from ignition
  • Adjust aircraft lighting
  • Livery fix for improper normal meta

Version 2.0.0 (29 April 2023)

New Features
  • Fully Optimized for X-Plane 12!
  • Entirely revamped 3D model, animations, and textures; designed and optimized for X-Plane 12 format changes and the new rendering engine.
  • Updated FMOD sound pack to take advantage of XP12 FMOD features, integrated new sound samples, and more.
  • ARM64 support prepped for the future. (Note: For ARM64 Mac (M1+ processors) users, ensure you are running Rosetta for now.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • T-1765 Engine page FOD information missing
  • T-1803 Fix color detection for profile view
  • T-1828 Charge battery command doesn't function
  • T-1766 Add tick system to configs in TSLIB
  • T-1851 Increase base instrument brightness
  • T-1792 LPV Approach Capability due to missing SBAS receiver
  • T-1847 Zink crashes X-Plane during flight loading
  • T-1721 Get ARM build
  • T-1778 Flight control effectiveness XP12
  • T-1755 Excessive left yaw when taxiing
  • T-1827 GCU Input not working at random times
  • T-1848 Brake Hold with Max Effort functionality doesn't work
  • T-1714 Switch G1000 rendering to G1000 render space
  • T-1858 Flaps balloon too pronounced on deployment
  • T-1857 Elevator trim authority not enough down trim
  • T-1853 Payload Arm Dataref replaced for X-Plane 12
  • T-1852 Weather datarefs updated for latest X-Plane 12 versions
  • T-1856 Wheels do not show up when on the ground.
  • T-1706 Fix settings files from appearing empty
  • T-1705 Add vacuum override dataref option
  • T-1702 CAPS Override command issue
  • T-1751 Add XP12 G1000 default sidebar disable flag
  • T-1720 Remove debug calls in subsystems
  • T-1739 Aircraft loading presents error about SR22_IVS_IN.obj
  • T-1746 +ve FF with Fuel Selector to OFF
  • T-1732 Should not be able to prime with fuel selector off
  • T-1730 Spark Plug Fouling not reproducible (Increased RPM drop on single mag when spark plugs are fouled)
  • T-1745 Fuel priming with cavitation sound and no fuel flow
  • T-1743 Priming cavitation sound should not happen after the aircraft is correctly primed
  • T-1706 Address config files staying empty
  • T-1715 Fix parachute for CAPS
  • T-1713 Fix use of deprecated dataref in physics
  • T-1716 Increase torque of C24ST5 Starter
  • T-1717 Migrate to support XP12 weight and balance system
  • Texture material fixes
  • Seat backs flipped normals.
  • New interior trim normal map and improved ambient occlusion.
  • Lighting adjustments.
  • …and many other tweaks and changes to improve the behavior of the system with X-Plane 12

Version 1.4.0 (27 June 2022)

New Features
  • Improved maintenance system with expanded procedures and more detailed readouts to distinguish between states and mechanic actions.
  • Physics model improvements, including addressing the starting behaviors by addressing issues in the fuel priming logic.
  • [T-1675] 3D overhaul for windows and ice visualization system (IVS), which looks much better and should increase sim performance!
  • [T-1619] Proper Instrument Brightness Knob Behavior with G1000 Screen Dimming

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed TKS filter clogs causing too high of pressure rise in TKS system
  • Fixed bugs in fuel refilling
  • Fixed physics state files not showing on Mac
  • [T-1661] Cirrus magnetic compass missing current direction needle
  • [T-1672] Glareshield stitching 2 stitches out of place
  • [T-1677] FMOD improvements and fixes
  • [T-1674] New windows and seals
  • [T-1675] IVS System updates Window icing
  • [T-1670] Missing ice lights
  • [T-1676] Missing inspection panel screws - wing root
  • [T-1673] Mesh clean up (350k triangles removed)
  • [T-1655] Improve stutters by moving asynchronous tasks to separate thread from the main sim.
  • [T-1647] Failures and Maintenance Rework
  • [T-1658] Make UI inspection output scrollable/smaller
  • [T-1662] Add option to disable ELT
  • [T-1663] Custom flaps dataref for FMOD
  • [T-1659] Check batteries for commercial sims
  • [T-1680] Add hardware trigger command for CAPS deployment

Version 1.3.0 (4 March 2022)

New Features
  • Major infrastructure refactoring in preparation for X-Plane 12, bringing over our modern fundamental function library, activation system, and anonymized statistics platform from our in-development aircraft. These systems should increase the aircraft functions' stability and provide a better basis going into X-Plane 12 for a more unified experience across our fleet.
  • Improved FMOD sounds throughout with surround sound support and fixed audio compression. Reworked sound space, sound positioning, and refined engine and prop sounds.
  • Visual model overhaul, improving fuselage mesh and interior textures. No more ripples or pinches in the composite exterior. Added 3D stitching on the glare shield.
  • Performance tuning and general improvements

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • [T-1203] Exterior lights should now work with "hide_3d_details" setting
  • [T-1602] Tabs fuel option on SR20 should fill properly
  • [T-1611] Persist setting option in the menu was previously finicky
  • [T-1431] SR22 NA adjust fuselage drag coefficients
  • [T-1542] Adjust MD302 power handling with RSG Cirrus Cockpit hardware
  • [T-1630] Wobbly propeller disc texture
  • [T-1631] Magnetic compass texture orientation
  • [T-1259] Improved engine model handling
  • [T-1639] Fixed hidden visor in exterior view
  • [T-1643] Fix GCU frequency ENT key on engine page for frequency entry

Version 1.2.2 (13 November 2021)

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Improve engine propeller governor behaviors and performance
  • Fix CAPS pin clickspot
  • Popup window jumping cursor bug on Windows resolved
  • MD302 HPA unit support (RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit customers)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and quality of life improvements

Version 1.2.1 (4 August 2021)

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Add fix for users with frozen G1000 screens on startup
  • Fixed Avitab
  • Adjusted VR clickspots for throttle and mixture levers
  • Added ability to disable the G1000 multithreaded texture uploader for those with unsupported graphics cards
  • Prevent crash at sim quit caused by improper file access with Windows
  • Add support for increased G1000 screen resolution configurations
  • MD302 Auto Initialization with RealSimGear SR20/SR22 Cockpit Hardware
  • Updated RealSimGear Command Mapping files to support latest RealSimGear cockpit hardware

Version 1.2.0 (27 May 2021)

Note: Version 1.1.0 was skipped to align version numbers between the G1000 SR20 and SR22.

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Implemented a custom GPS intercept arming logic
  • Added the ability to hide the passenger 3D models
  • New RealSimGear G1000 Popout System
  • Flight model set to experimental by default
  • Prop disk visualization improvements
  • Added cold-weather engine cover
  • Added ELT triggering with high-G impacts
  • Added ability for cockpits without parking brake handles to disengage parking brake
  • FMOD sound improvements
  • CAPS cover now hides in the front right pouch
  • Livery specific normal maps with metallic paint
  • Various 3D and texture improvements
  • Cleaned belly dirt texturing
  • Tail number location reworked

Version 1.0.1 (2 January 2021)

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed starter type not being persistent
  • Fixed CHTs not cooling reliably after sim shutdown
  • Fixed engine cut-outs during taxi
  • Clickspot fixes for PFD CLR and ENT buttons
  • Avitab fix
  • FMOD adjustments
  • Minor object tweaks
  • Implemented object-hide system for full cockpit setups
  • Orange-Blue livery fixes
  • Decal fixes

Version 1.0.0 (13 November 2020)

Initial Release!