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The Pocket Rocket is a lightweight, PT6 powered beast! We have modeled two variants: a retractable-tricycle configuration and a fixed tailwheel version. Both have empty weights of near 1,000 pounds and are equipped with the 715 ESHP PT6A-28 engine. With the equipped Oxygen system, you can take this plane to FL250 and cruise for hours! In the retract version, cruise speeds of up to Mach 0.6 can be reached!

A highly detailed simulation of a PT-6 equipped Pocket Rocket originally inspired by Thomas Dietrich. This aircraft comes with a simulated G1000 that gets its internal Synthetic Vision code from the infamous Hot Start TBM 900, includes a simulated Garmin G5, numerous liveries and a maintenance and failure simulation. FMOD sounds are also included to give you that extra edge!

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All TorqueSim Aircraft will Support X-Plane 12

Feature List:

  • Retractable Tricycle Gear Variant and Fixed Tailwheel Variants
  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Custom Systems, including:
    • Fully custom electrical system, simulating the circuit breakers, buses, generator, and battery
    • Custom engine start system
    • Custom fuel manager
    • Custom lighting
  • Customized G1000, featuring:
    • Custom Engine parameter sidebars
    • Custom annunciators
    • Integrated checklists
    • Synthetic Vision – licensed from HotStart
  • Custom G5 Backup Attitude Indicator (PFD only)
  • Tail Number Customization utility
  • High-fidelity FMOD sound pack, with sounds recorded from multiple PT-6 equipped aircraft
  • Maintenance and Failure simulation
  • Carefully tuned and tested flight model
  • Custom Load Manager
  • Persistent systems (switches return to the state which they were left)
  • Fully custom C++ Plugin using the X-Plane SDK
  • Includes 11 initial liveries, a blank livery, and paint-kit, with many more liveries to come after release! See some of the liveries here

“an elevated level of realism in my view… a very immersive, very high-quality aircraft, and a must-have…”
- Q8 Pilot
“OMG! This Plane is a beast. you can fly Super Fast or slow and steady, Simply my best plane for x-plane and highly recommended. A must have GA plane for X11.”
- Larry L via X-Aviation

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Buy Now from X-Aviation


Price $44.95 USD
Store X-Aviation
Engine PT6A-28
Thrust 715 eshp / 680 shp
Seats 2
Takeoff Distance < 500 ft
Landing Distance < 300 ft
Range @ High-Speed Cruise (Mach 0.595 / FL 250) 1310 NM
Range @ Economy Cruise (Mach 0.570 / FL 250) 1580 NM
Service Ceiling FL250
Payload with Max Fuel 445 lbs / 202 kg
Fuel Capacity 1155 lbs / 524 kg
Empty Weight 955 / 1010 lbs (tail / retract)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 2600 lbs / 1180 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 2500 lbs / 1134 kg

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