TorqueSim SR2X Pro Licenses

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The TorqueSim/RealSimGear SR2X line of aircraft complement the RealSimGear Perspective hardware perfectly for commercial training uses. The pair provides a low-cost platform for training on the ground which benefits flight schools, students, and experienced pilots alike.

What the Pro/Commercial Edition Allows:

  • Use beyond personal at-home flying
  • Use at a commercial location (such as a flight school)
  • Use in any certified or regulator-approved setting
  • Use for commercial purposes or purchases by any non-personal entity

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Most Commercial Edition licenses include 1 year of included support and updates.

For customers looking for a turn-key FAA Approved ATD, see below. We partnered with RealSimGear to make the best SR20/SR22 AATD and BATD on the market!

RealSimGear SRx AATD

FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Training Device

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The RealSimGear SRx AATD is the epitome of ultra-realistic, high-fidelity flight simulation, meticulously crafted to emulate the Cirrus SR20/SR22 type aircraft, using the TorqueSim SR2X Commercial Edition. Featuring the highly popular RealSimGear Cirrus Cockpit, and now with the custom designed RealSimGear CAPS console, this is the best FAA Approved AATD product for Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

RealSimGear Cirrus BATD

FAA Approved Basic Aviation Training Device

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The TorqueSim SR2X Commercial Edition and the RSG-CG1 / RSG-CC1 BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) allow for certified training through our product. The affordable combination brings unrivaled accuracy and practicality to the flight-training market and aircraft owner for training and proficiency.

The RealSimGear FAA Approved training devices are the most affordable ATDs that use real buttons and knobs which mean you are not forced to use a distracting touch screen or have your view obscured by clumsy overlays. Real buttons and knobs allow you to develop the muscle memory and actual work flow patterns that are important for practicing all types of flight procedures.